Come Party With Us

Kid's Pretzel Party

For ages 5-12 years old $150

*minimum 6 kids-maximum 12 kids

Our pretzel parties are meant to inspire kids to get creative in the kitchen. We start out having them decorate their very own chef hat or apron craft. From there we head into the kitchen to roll out and form our very own pretzel. Each child will have the opportunity to form their pretzel how they want. While the pretzels are baking-this is an ideal time to open gifts. The kids enjoy eating their own creations and take home a $5 gift card for another visit.

This party is 2.5 hours. (half hour set up & 2 hr. party)

you bring.. decorations and table ware, cake and gifts. We provide.. tables, chairs, pretzel with dipping sauces, soft drink and craft.

*** Now offering themed pretzel parties** $75 more (call for more info)

***Now offering kids group outings & Field trips*** $10-$15 per student. Call for more info.

Make & Take Pretzel Party

For ages 12 & up ($30 per person)

*minimum 6 people-maximum 10 people

Our make & take parties are a unique fun way to gather with friends or like minded people & learn the pretzel process. Each participant will take home their own hand made pretzels.

We will go through the rolling & forming process, we will "pretzelize" our pretzels, decide which flavors we want for our pretzels and finally bake our pretzels. We will also include a recipe sheet with a few of our most popular sauces and icings. And if you choose you can eat one of your pretzels with us :)

Let's get STUFFED Pretzel Party

For ages 21 & up $250 for 5 participants ($50 per person)

This pretzel party is strictly for our adults..a great way for a group of friends to gather and learn how to stuff their favorite pretzel. Each participant will take home their own stuffed pretzels. Enjoy your hard work by having one of your pretzels with your friends.

Let's Get Personal Pretzel Party

For ages 18 & up $175 

This pretzel party is a one on one personal experience like no other. We will go through the various techniques needed to create your pretzels from start to finish. There are several options available for this party. Option 1- one on one (you take the whole batch of pretzels home). Option 2- split it with a friend (you both split the pretzels to take home). 

Pretzel Choices:

  • Classic Pretzels

  • Pretzel Buns 

  • Pretzel bread loaves 

  • Pretzel Bites 

Let's Get Personal STUFFED Pretzel Party

For ages 18 & up $250

This pretzel party is just like the one above-except we will be learning how to stuff our pretzels.

Pretzel Choices:

  • Pretzel Dogs 

  • Salami & Cheese 

  • Ham & Cheese

  • Turkey & Cheese