Our Story

When you have one of our signature pretzels – we think you'll agree – it's not just a pretzel...

To bring you the freshest quality possible... We use locally grown ingredients from right here in Michigan.

HOW...did Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels come to be????

From the time I was a young girl..I would watch the commuters getting on and off the trains in our small town. In their hustle and bustle..they would come and go, often times running to catch the train with their piping hot coffee and brown paper bag of breakfast goodies in hand. I found myself dreaming of having a quaint little place with a grab and go concept. A place where you knew what you were ordering was worth almost missing the train for! A place where you were known not only by your smile but also by what you ordered.

As happens sometimes, we dream..but we don't necessarily take action on those dreams. Life got busy and I never really took that dream any further.  That is, until my family moved to Michigan. There's a personal touch here that's reminiscent of those childhood dreams. You see that personal touch from all of the family owned businesses. The places where you are met with a smile and they know who you are from the moment you walk through the door. And...that is what reignited my childhood dream. I didn't know much about owning a business....let alone a food business, but if there is one thing I knew..it was I was going to do my very best to take on the task of learning, and so we did.

Why pretzels?? And how did stuffing them become a thing?

We began making pretzel bites for family and friends. It was just something that took off from there. We started getting creative and often times down right silly with our ideas. (PB&J..we tried it..grilled cheese stuffed..we tried that too) there isnt much we haven't tried. it was sort of... a let's throw it against the wall and see if it sticks..kind of thing. Pretzels are life.. but have you ever tried a stuffed pretzel??? Holy cow..if you haven't.. you really should! When we moved here we loved the idea of having our own little family owned business, and knew we very much wanted to create a foundation to grow upon...but just weren't sure what it would be. A family member pointed out that our pretzel bites would be a great place to start. I laughed..a food business?? Are you serious?? Although a long running dream of mine. I never took it any further. We wouldn't even know where to begin..I thought!! But then the wheels began turning. Why couldn't we? I mean..take the time.. educate ourselves.. study the field and decide from there whether we can or can't. And so we did. we rented a commercial kitchen for almost a year. We were there weekly..perfecting our dough. Then came the fillings..what worked and what didn't .

One thing we kept in mind was..if this dream was going to work it was going to work without loans or tons of debt. So we purchased used (very used..lol) equipment, loaded up our rickety trailer and 10x10 tent and hit the road focusing only on very small local venues and markets. We had a fun 1st year... and we learned a lot, like being out in the elements was brutal!! So we used what cash we had and bought a food trailer (also very used..lol) she needed a lot of TLC. We got her road ready (named her Stella)..and once again we were off to the races. We had 48 events booked that summer (yes..we were slightly oblivious) On our 5th event of the season..poor Stella was in an accident and totaled by insurance. Thankfully.. no one was injured and the place we were at had insurance coverage. During this time we found our brick and mortar building in Sawyer and decided to give that a go. Our little place was tiny..but it fit our needs at the time. We had a few adjustments that needed to be made..but with each corner we turned..we met the challenges with as much grace as we knew how. Ultimately we out grew our little store within a year of being there..but it was home so we stayed put until we literally burst through the door. With no more room..not even for 1 more pretzel..we knew we had to move on. which has lead us to South Haven, MI. our new home feels huge in comparison. So much character and room for growth..we all really feel comfortable already. We look forward to bringing pretzel goodness to our new area!!!

Where can we find your pretzels?? Do we ship? and are we a franchise?

(Boy those are some loaded questions)

Our new retail store is located ay 406 Phoenix Street South Haven, MI 49090. During the winter our hours will be Friday 11-4, Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 11-4 (will add more days in the spring). We also sell our pretzels wholesale.(feel free to call for a list of where to find them locally).

We DO have the ability to ship SOME of our pretzel products (call for more details) and last but certainly not least.. we are not a franchise. We are very proud of the work we have put in to get us to this point in just a few short years.. but we are not franchise ready. pshhhh… most of my recipes are not even put on paper yet..lol And to be honest we've not done enough research on franchising to know if it's even a good fit for our business model. But believe me..if and when we figure that out we will be sure to yell it from the roof tops :)


it's an experience!

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